Maria JPC. 

"If you want to change your life and live healthy, Linda is the right person to be with. As a Yoga or cooking teacher she is amazing, dedicated, happy. She gives a lot of motivation with her strong words of encouragement. I learned how to cook healthy. I've run 6 marathons and counting. Just try and you will love it."


Maria K.

"90+ sum change helped jump start my health journey! Once my goals were discussed, the tools were provided along with plenty of support and follow-ups to keep me on the right track. What started out as a 90 day challenge turned into a 365 lifestyle change.  I am now very active and eating healthier!" 



"I love Linda's Wellness Warrior movement to help people incorporate wellness into their everyday lives! And I loved taking a trip to Belize with her for a wellness week. It was one of the best getaways of my life."

"Linda is a wonderful yoga teacher. I'm happy she's part of my community of people who seek health and balance--while acknowledging that we also have challenges." -Kristen P. 

"Linda has wonderful energy, and is a creative and thoughtful yoga teacher with a terrific sense of humor. She exudes warmth and love for her clients, and helps them embrace themselves as they are." -Ayala B.

"She has a warm presence that makes the group feel comfortable."-Alicia-Rahema M.