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MOVE, Inc. Healthy Event

MOVE, Inc. would like the presenters to provide tools and tips to young girls and their family on how they can stay fit while eating a proper nutrition and maintaining mental health.  We would love you all to really elaborate on why it's important to exercise and have time crafted out in once's schedule for nutrition, physical and mental health. We believe that you all would be phenomenal presenters. Our desire is for you all to develop interactive and informational sessions. Conduct a mini yoga/meditation session, bring samples and/or recipes of healthy meals. We welcome any ideas that you think would be beneficial to really bring home your presentation to the girls.


Presenters and Topics:
- Katia Powell -  "You are what you Eat" Creating food journals and taking an in-depth look at what you are putting into your bodies which can help or harm you in years to come.
- Linda Wells - Self-care and Stress Management. Taking time to visualize: Chair/standing exercise.
- Michelle Cook - Mental Health and Meditation - Where can you take time out of your busy schedule to calm your thoughts? Look into bike riding in the park or changing your modes of transportation in order to take some time for you.